This series is a love song to landscape and an experimental process.
Landscape provides solace. The land is always present; changing, but present. You cannot argue with it. You can beat it up and it will scar, just like a human being. My camera-less, darkroom-less experimental process uses corrosive chemicals on conventionally exposed and processed chromogenic paper; the paper's (wet) dyes are transferred to archival tissue paper, which buckles. Artifacts of a different use of "misuse". The state of the land is echoed in the paper used to make these unique prints: fragile but lasting, if handled with respect and care.The prints measure 12" x 14" on 18" x 20" sheets. Two images are each comprised of two prints layered on top of each other.
The series is in-progress.

“I'm more interested in seeing what the material tells me than in imposing my will on it.” —John Chamberlain