With time, all that remains of the nest is the memory. For some, memories are of a home both warm and loving; for others, these recollections are painful. Experiences are forgotten or subconsciously altered. The variety of memory is echoed in the wide variety of prints in this series.

The destruction of the flawless, mirror-like black surface of the paper is a tactile record of the experimental process. In some prints, the surface is stripped down, exposing glimpses of the colors that make up chromogenic paper. As the vantage point of the viewer changes, so does the appearance of the print. Whorls appear and disappear, tones (bronze, green) emerge, fields literally sparkle -- this is the crystallization of the chemistry. These shifts are solely the reaction of the corrosive chemicals to the c-paper, a variation outside of my direct control.

While emerging out of the Nest series, Nest (memory)  also stands as its own body of work.